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   Program title: Preparation for TOEFL

   Program includes: Detailed practice in four skills (reading, listening, speaking and writing) and tests.  Participants will be supplied  by  desired learning and  other materials. Teaching process is based on the newest presentation digital technologies. English is a language of trainings.


  • READING SKILLS  -   Understand Vocabulary from the Context, recognize referents, simplify meanings of sentences, insert sentences into the passage, find factual information, understand negative facts, make inferences from stated facts, infer rhetorical purpose, select summary information, complete Schematic tables.
  • LISTENING SKILLS - Understand the gist, understand the details, understand the function, understand the speaker’s stance, understand the organization, understand relationships.
  • SPEAKING SKILLS - Plan the free-choice response, make the free-choice response, plan the paired-choice response, make the paired-choice response.
    Note the main points as you read, note the main points as you listen, plan before you speak, make the response.
  • WRITING SKILLS - Integrated task-Note the main points as you read, note the main points as you listen, plan before you write, write a topic statement, write supporting paragraphs on reading passages, write supporting paragraphs on listening passages, review sentence structure, review grammar. Independent Task-Plan before you write, write the introduction, write unified supporting paragraphs, connect the supporting paragraphs, write the conclusion, review sentence structure, review Grammar.    

   Copy rights: © Tbilisi’s Business Training Center LLC., 2008. 

   Program duration:   Three month,  48 Lessons (plus additional 24 hours for homework)

   Target groups: Students and Doctorants, also anyone who wants to learn and/or  work outside the country.

   Program leader: Miss Nino MIKADZE, Assistant Professor

   Tuition fee:  150 GEL per month

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