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   Program title: ENGLISH  LEARNING COURSE  Beginner

   Program includes Detailed practice in beginning-elementary course.  Participants will be supplied  by  desired learning and  other materials. Teaching process is based on the newest presentation digital technologies. English is a working language. Learning  course based on  New Opportunities (beginner-elementary) by Michael Harris;  David Mower (students book; work-book, dictionary)


  • Alphabet
  • Personal pronouns
  • Verb-To be
  • Interrogative pronouns
  • Article
  • Possessive pronouns
  • Imperative mood
  • Possessive case
  • Verb-To have
  • Prepositions
  • There is/are-construction
  • can, can’t-modal verbs
  • Present simple
  • Verb-To be (past forms)
  • Must, mustn’t-modal verbs
  • Past simple
  • There is/are-(past forms)
  • Adjective (Comparative, superlative degrees)
  • Reflective pronouns
  • Must (past, future forms)
  • Going to-(construction)
  • Present continues tense

   Copy rights: © Tbilisi’s Business Training Center LLC., 2008. 

   Program duration:   Three month, 36 Lessons

   Target groups:  Anyone who wants to start learn English  language

   Program leader:  Miss  Maya NADIRADZE, Assistant Professor

   Tuition fee:  100 GEL per month

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