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   Program title: MARKETING MANAGEMENT, certificate training program

   Program includes A short course in theory, practical cases and tasks, tests, as well as different tools for marketing research and analysis. Participants will be supplied by desired learning and other materials. Teaching process is based on the newest presentation digital technologies. Georgian is a language of trainings.


  • Analysis of Marketing Environment and Company Competitiveness
  • Gathering Marketing Information
  • Consumer Markets Research
  • Business-to Business Markets and Buying Behavior
  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • Market Segmentation
  • Developing New Products
  • Pricing
  • Distribution Channels
  • Sales Promotion
  • Internet Marketing 

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  Program duration: Four weeks, 24 Lessons

  Target groups: For Beginner and Professional Marketers, Managers and anyone interested in Learning and Working in this field.

  Program leader: Mr. Malkhaz SHUBITIDZE, Doctor of Economics

  Tuition fee: 350.00 GEL


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