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  Program title: STATE PROCUREMENTS, certificate training program

  Program includes A short course in theory, practical cases and tasks, tests. Participants will be supplied by desired learning and other materials. Teaching process is based on the newest presentation digital technologies. Georgian is a language of trainings.


  • The Georgian Law on state procurement and the Statute on stase procurement
  • The Agreements about state procurement
  • The criminal and administrative responsibility for procurement regulation law’s destroy. Rules of disqualification.
  • The state procurement planning. Planning forms
  • Organizing of state procurement: Tender, Price quotation, procurement from single source, procurement of several years
  • Preparing the documentation for single source and price quotation procurements
  • Preparing of typical tender (bid) documentation for goods procurement and for service procurement
  • Preparing of typical tender (bid) documentation of works
  • Report of state procurement   

  Copy rights: © Tbilisi’s Business Training Center LLC., 2008. Certifikate No.3038, issued 24.03.2008. All Rights Reserved

  Program duration: Two weeks, 15 Lessons

  Target groups: Procurement managers, students, specialists, job seekers etc.

  Program leader: Mr. Rati MEMANISHVILI, Procurement specialist

  Tuition fee: 250.00 GEL


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