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  Program title: HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT, certificate training program

  Program includes A short course in theory, practical cases and tasks. Participants will be supplied by desired learning and other materials. Teaching process is based on the newest presentation digital technologies. Georgian is a language of trainings.


  • Human resources in organizations
  • Methodology and Systems for personnel management
  • Personnel policy
  • Employment scheduling
  • Attraction, selection and hiring of Labour
  • Advancement of personnel
  • Management of career in organization
  • Management of personnel behaviour
  • Certification and evaluation
  • Leadership
  • Management of conflicts and stresses
  • Practical cases 

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  Program duration: Four weeks, 18 Lessons

  Target groups: students, managers etc.

  Program leader: Mrs. Natalia KHARADZE, Doctor of Economics

  Tuition fee: 300.00 GEL


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